Destany Shante’


My name is Destany and I’m originally from South Carolina. I love to write and explore so you can usually find me traveling, working, or writing. This blog is more than me. Everything that I write is true. I find if I’m transparent with what I have gone through you will be also open to heal. When I first started this blog it was due to how I felt I was treated different due to having a mental illness even though it was just anxiety and depression. Things still felt different for me. Now that I have grown and learned a lot I felt like I needed to change my blog based on what I was going through. So, now as you read you will begin to understand life in every aspect. Now the phrase, “It’s Okay Not to be Okay” is my daily motivation. So often we walk around in our emotions not truly realizing that it is truly ok to be down sometimes. It’s okay to need to be alone sometimes. Let’s dive in!

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