Because It Looks Good

“In order to grow you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable”

-Mandi Dyson

If no one ever told you that it’s okay to be yourself then let me be the first to say that it’s okay to live life for you! Not living to impress other’s and not because it looks good for your “image” but for yourself. We all know that life isn’t the easiest thing, and it’s okay to simply admit that you are not okay. Social media, friends, family and various unknown forces intended to affect our feelings about ourselves, and our physical image all play a role in this “because it looks good” life. All these things play apart in how we perceive ourselves. If we are not careful this could cause emotional, mental, and physical health issues. They all work together, and one doesn’t work without the other.

I’m 26 and lived most of my life based on what I thought others wanted for me. Even though they may not have ever said it verbally. I traded my peace for the acceptance of other’s. This resulted in me neglecting my own happiness. In 2020 I decided to live for Destany, through many trials and tribulations I learned how to live for me. Not living for Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, friends, or family. I am now writing my own book and, telling my own story because I woke up and was tired of other people grabbing the pen and writing it. So, the question is who’s writing your story?

When we allow ourselves to live in a world where we aren’t happy or can’t even recognize who we are we stop living. God will intentionally put you in certain relationships that don’t even have to be intimate just to bring up flaws you never knew you had. It doesn’t mean you are meant to stay in that relationship. You must watch for the signs, or you will keep taking a detour instead of the intended path. Don’t get me wrong the roads all lead the same place but why take the long road when you could take the short one. So, when are you going to step out of that relationship that everyone is thinking is life goals, but deep down your living in hell! When are you going to stop posting pictures of you and your significant other looking Instagram worthy but behind closed doors, he/she is physically or emotionally abusive. You wake up everyday praying that today will be different but it’s not because you keep repeating the same day over and over again. Stop living this “because it looks good life”. My aunt told me in order to grow you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. In order to get to the stage where you truly believe that it is okay not to be okay. Or, that it is okay to have flaws or not get one-hundred likes on a social media post. It’s okay to be uncomfortable for awhile just so you can be comfortable for a lifetime. Nobody’s life is perfect, but I do believe that if you get everything in life that you truly want then your life is just perfect for you. In the end that is who you are trying to please. I want you to be able to wake up and love your life and love yourself even more. What’s the point of living if you aren’t living to be happy. Why not let your because it looks good moment become a because it is good moment. So, stop trying to look good for your friends, family, and on lookers. If they are truly for you it doesn’t matter what your life looks like. It’s okay to walk away from the very thing you feel stuck in. I’m often reminded by my support system to not allow people to disrupt your peace. You don’t have to be pressured to entertain things you don’t want to or post half naked photos on the “gram” for likes. Most importantly stop doing what your family thinks is best for you. There not you! Stop letting them live through you. Don’t be afraid to live your authentic truth. Always remember just because it looks good doesn’t mean it is good because that “because it looks good” life just isn’t good enough anymore.